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Varacalli is a family-run construction company active in Italy since 1979. As a family-oriented company with a selected team, it is an ideal partner for architectural firms and private clients who need a company capable of performing multiple functions during construction work. Together with their team, we reflected on the positioning of their company and offered our support in all phases of the project creation, from the photoshoot to the launch of the website.

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Varacalli’s previous website was lacking in materials and did not adequately represent the professional quality of the entire company. Sitting at the same table, we reviewed the photographic and project material collected over decades of their experience and suggested some fundamental steps to build not just a digital product, but a strategy useful for presenting the company to new potential clients. We also discovered a team passionate about their work, with whom we connected from the first moment.


Creating new images

Despite the many photos of completed projects, none of the shots available were sufficiently representative to achieve the new goal of the site: presenting the company as a recognizable brand. The first phase of the project was therefore the artistic direction of a photo shoot aimed at creating some shots of the team and a video of a project. These images served as a unique element to bring coherence to all the various construction site photos which, due to production reasons, were somewhat disjointed and unsuitable for a unified narrative.


The website

The design of the new website is not a neutral container for the new shots: picking up on the basic elements of the client’s identity, namely the logo and the company color, we designed an interface where typography and animations represent the spirit of the Varacalli team: a gritty team that passionately tackles the challenges of their work. The website is agile and easy to update, allowing the team to archive photos of their projects in the ‘Realizations’ section while maintaining a clean and functional look.


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