Small Giants

Make way for cricket crackers, and more!



Web development

Small Giants is a startup focused on the production of insect-based snacks. A pioneering attitude and a love for food are essential components of their products, available in a wide assortment distributed through e-commerce. Guided by the artistic direction of the Small Giants team, we helped expand their brand by developing the current platform, enabling this company to make a leap into the world of digital commerce and distribute their products in multiple countries.

Info extra

We knew about Small Giants before they became our clients, thanks to the media buzz their products generated. At the beginning of the project (and after several packs of crackers), we knew we were talking to a team truly dedicated to innovation and design: their product packaging is irresistible, and the challenge of creating a digital container to sell them was exciting. We also knew that the product had received numerous reviews, some positive and some negative, due to the prejudices against insect-based food products. However, this made our challenge even more rewarding, helping us to tailor the technical choices to the developed product.


A catalog set to grow

At the time of development, the variety of products available on the site was less diverse, but we knew it would increase over time. Therefore, we created a flexible and detailed platform that would allow our client to manage product categories and extensive information as the business grew. Additionally, the product pages are rich in information to give users a comprehensive view of the product during the selection phase: they include nutritional information, a FAQ section, and a Reviews section, managed directly by our client, providing a useful tool to carefully curate the e-commerce user experience.


Recipes, news and opinions

Since its creation, Small Giants positioned itself in the market as a visionary brand, with the goal of showcasing the benefits of using insects-based food, both for the market and for consumers. Inheriting the content strategy already started on social media channels, the ‘Blog’ archive has been divided into two sections: one dedicated to recipes and one to insights and interviews; we then developed two different and easy-to-replicate templates. The editorial section becomes a channel connected to the posts users can find on Instagram and a complementary read to the FAQ section, where all the major information about Small Giants products can be found.

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