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Web design

Web development

ARW, an acronym for Architectural Research Workshop, is an architecture firm led by architects Camillo Botticini and Matteo Facchinelli, based in Brescia and active throughout Europe. We were tasked with designing and developing a new portfolio website that includes an archive of over 50 projects, the presentation of a continuously growing team, and a rich news section that serves as a showcase for the studio’s activities.

Info extra

In the past, Studio Up managed the corporate identity and design of the previous website. Over the years, ARW drastically changed its activity, working on several projects and managing a multidisciplinary team three times larger than at our first meeting. These changes created new needs, including a website with a completely new graphic design and structure.


ARW projects

The main feature of the website is the rich portfolio. From a strategic standpoint, it was essential to showcase the vast experience of the studio, active on projects of various types and scales, ranging from large public works to private villas. With this goal in mind, we divided the archive into multiple categories, creating for each project a specific template capable of enhancing the photographic and conceptual component without sacrificing practical information.

Around the projects

Alongside the project archive, we created two other main sections: the ‘Research’ section, devoted to the brand’s philosophical vision, which provides a visual overview of the studio’s works, and the ‘Workshop’ section, which showcases the studio’s achievements and awards, as well as the people who made these accomplishments possible.


Extra features

The website features some important elements for the viewing of the projects: dark mode, which allows users to activate a black background to maximize the colors of the photos, and a panel that enables the insertion of information and technical drawings within the project. Each project is also provided with a specific logo designed directly by the ARW team, which we used as a representative icon both in the portfolio and in the awards listed in the ‘Team’ section.


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