Undamento is an independent label with a solid vision of the music industry



Web development

Frah Quintale, Laila Al Habash, Joan Thiele are just a few names from Undamento’s roster: independent artists who have marked and continue to shape a musical era for Italian culture. Following the artistic direction and design produced by the Wyse team, we oversaw the development and launch of Undamento’s website: not just a site that promotes the talent of the artists, but a small intimate diary of this brand, whose goal is to ‘create music that represents us in our diversity.

Info extra

We had the pleasure of actively working hand in hand with Wyse studio to determine the creative needs and technical requirements of Undamento’s platform: starting from the analysis of the provided layout, we highlighted the technical limitations and proposed targeted solutions aiming to ensure that the branding work of our partners was not lost in the translation to a digital product.


Developing Undamento

The main areas of the site are two extensive archives: one dedicated to the artists, organized according to the services offered by Undamento to its talents, and a shop section, rich in products and constantly updated. The other sections, dedicated to news and events, have been designed and developed to be easily updatable and consultable: the latest elements are always the most relevant, and we have simplified the updating phases by reducing the content to what is essential. Additionally, all editorial sections are accompanied by external links and plugins that allow the connection of third-party content, such as Spotify playlists.


First and foremost, space for music

The artists pages represent, in our opinion, the most relevant sections of the entire site. Each page is equipped with a tab that allows the Undamento team to archive all content related to the artists, include the main information to present them, and a pre-filtered shop section that showcases the most significant products. The shop section also helps to give further visibility to the artists: the names of the authors themselves have become the main filters of the shop section, thus serving as fundamental elements for the user experience of the store.

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